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Tuition and Financial Aid


The tuition for St. Vincent Ferrer School is set each year by our Board of Specified Jurisdiction. Our BSJ considers many factors when setting the tuition, including budget, curricular goals and impact on families. Each year the BSJ strives to keep tuition reasonable for families while enabling the school to provide the best education possible for its students.

The tuition schedule outlines the annual tuition for each grade level. Multiple child discounts apply where indicated. Payments can be made in one, two or eleven installments. All tuition is paid through FACTS Management, our tuition management company. Upon enrollment, each family will receive information about FACTS Management, how to register for the program and how and when to make payments.

The Tuition Policy and Agreement is to be submitted with the application for new students and with re-enrollment forms for current students. This agreement indicates a family’s understanding of the tuition schedule and commitment to making tuition payments on time.

Financial Aid​

Any family who would like to apply for financial assistance may do so in an objective and confidential manner through FACTS.  FACTS gives the school a determination of a family’s need for financial help, and the school principal is then able to make a financial aid determination for each family based upon this information and the amount of funds set aside for scholarships.

FACTS forms are available on the company’s website. You can apply directly on the site or download paper versions of the application to complete by hand.  To apply for financial aid for the 2023/2024 school year, please complete and submit the FACTS application, along with all necessary documentation, directly to FACTS. Applications for financial aid are due April 1, 2023. There is a $25 application fee for this process. You will receive word of you financial award  in May.

Find the application here.

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