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Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

In the Dominican tradition of study, prayer, service and community, St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School provides a comprehensive foundation in both academics and faith. Our pre-k to 8th grade students from diverse communities thrive in safe and spacious facilities well-suited for curricular and extracurricular activities. Our teachers use challenging curricula that result in our students obtaining academic honors, achieving standardized test scores well above national norms, and receiving admission to the high schools of their choice. Graduates from St. Vincent Ferrer continue to live the Catholic faith, pursue higher education, respect others, lead with integrity and demonstrate the importance of community service.

Our Philosophy​

St. Vincent Ferrer  School endeavors to prepare its students for a responsible role in society by instilling in them Christian moral values and Catholic tenets.


Parents and teachers work together to provide learning experiences where students accept the responsibility of learning in order to recognize and achieve their God-given potential. While students work together to create respect for themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Core Beliefs

St. Vincent Ferrer has adopted a learning program which incorporates the following objectives:

  • to encourage the school community to use a world-wide view

  • to provide religious instruction and faith experiences which foster a knowledge and appreciation of Roman Catholic beliefs and tradition which will guide students in making moral choices

  • to provide opportunities which help students master the basic skills of reading, communication, computation and problem solving, while progressing in diversified learning modes

  • to teach students to recognize and to use wisely the benefits of the ever-expanding technological world

  • to foster an atmosphere where children learn how to study, how to think for themselves, how to make individual decisions

  • to monitor continuous self assessment of each child encouraging her/him to become a self-initiated learner

  • to integrate learning experiences from all subject areas in order to provide a unified program of studies

  • to incorporate an organizational and administrative structure which includes shared decision making

  • to provide a program of home-school communication which generates interest and encouragement from parents and other adults in the community to reinforce a child’s motivation to learn.

Friar Motto​

I am kind.

I am respectful.

I am responsible.

I make smart choices.

I am a SVF Friar!

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